Temporary Accommodations

Before I find more permanent housing, I will be staying in a hostel. I have a private room with a bathroom, which has been great. I have a pretty good view of part of the city and the mountains. The hostel is not far from all the places I have wanted to go to so far. They have a free breakfast every morning, free Wi-Fi in the common areas, a kitchen and activities. I haven’t met a lot of students, but those I have met have been pretty nice. The staff has been great in providing directions and they speak English.

I’ve had one mishap and one complaint.

The mishap. The first day after a lovely hot shower, I went to dry my hair and immediately blew a fuse. My neighbor happened to blow out the power at the exact same time for our three-room block, so I was worried that I blown out possibly everything. After timidly explaining what had happened at the front desk, they explained the situation and sent a repair person to reset the fuse box in my room.

The complaint. My neighbors, every night, essentially have a club in their room. I think there is even a room between theirs and mine. Techno music every night from 11-1. If could speak French very well, I would be able to understand every word they are saying/yelling over the music (and maybe I would be able to tell them to you know, go to bed, and shut it off since they must have some place they need to be on a Thursday morning). Instead, I have just been turning on my light and reading. Am I cured of my jetlag? No clue. But, I have finished two Jane Austen novels…so maybe we’ll put that one in the win column.

One last thing…when I went to confirm the address at my parents house before leaving the US, I saw that Google had listed the hostel as a “homeless shelter”. Since I booked it through HostelWorld, I figured that it must not have actually been a homeless shelter, but was still a little worried. I figured that if it was a homeless shelter, I would just have the taxi driver take me to another hotel. Luckily, it was just a student hostel.

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