I knew that the French had style, but boy do they live and breathe it.

  • Exhibit A: the train station announcements. They have a woman scatting. No bells, no tones. A woman scatting. It’s catchy and a little sassy.
  • Exhibit B: the walk sign. In the US, our walk signs are of a stiff stick figure, but in theirs (at least in my opinion) it looks like a person is strutting onto the street.
  • Exhibit C: the clothes. I don’t have pictures of it, but I feel like every sidewalk is a runway. People are always well-dressed. Casual-chic. Chic. “I threw these tights on under jean shorts and threw on converse shoes-chic”. “I somehow made overalls work with a sweater-chic”.

Sure, maybe there is some sticker shock and benefit of the doubt happening here, but I just feel underdressed or inappropriately dressed all of the time. I’ve even tried to step up my game and wear my nicer stuff to go to the grocery store. I pulled out the boots I’ve worn once in the US on the second day here. Still, I feel like I’m walking around with a label on. I’ve been trying to mimic what they are wearing. For example, yesterday, no one was wearing boot cut jeans or sandals, they were wearing skinny jeans and boots. Great, I thought, when I meet friends for drinks, I will wear boots and skinny jeans. Naturally, I am walking to the bar and see that everyone has pulled out their boot-cut jeans and sandals.

I saw an American flag shirt in a chic store yesterday. I am debating buying it…I mean an American wouldn’t buy that right? I’ll definitely fit in, right?

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