About Me

With aspirations to master more musical instruments, take on more hobbies, speak more languages fluently, travel to more countries, pursue more passions and master more crafts than humanely possible in a lifetime, I left 2.5 years of corporate work behind and decided to transplant my wandering journey of indecision abroad so I could binge-watch Netflix while eating better cheese and drinking finer wine and occasionally, teach English to high school students in central France.

Although I had life-changing experiences studying abroad in Ghana and Antarctica, it was my time in France and the European backpacking trip which followed that was pivotal, setting me on my current path pursuing a career in history.

Currently, I am in Dublin, Ireland earning a masters degree in public history and cultural heritage. I am here as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar (formerly known as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar). Through the generosity of Rotary, I will be studying how to commemorate difficult or controversial periods in history without undermining efforts in peace and reconciliation.

For more information about Rotary Global Grants or how to apply for one, click here.

While this blog will serve to document my journey as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar, I hope it will do much more. I hope to entertain and fight ignorance about other cultures while simultaneously infecting everyone with the kind of rabid wanderlust that makes people leap out of their chairs, jump over the walls of their cubicles and run carelessly into the sunset.

So join me again as I bumble through Europe, learning a lot and trying very hard not to be a complete idiot.